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Meet our monsters

Spirits on Sproat showcases all the famous horror characters you know and love from films, TV, literature, mythology, and local legends. When you visit our display, be sure to look for (click on any name below for photos and descriptions):
 The Bride of Frankenstein
 Jason Vorhees (from "Friday the 13th")
 Freddy Krueger
 The Soul Collector (he's wearing chains)
 The Beast (clad in red)
 Zeke the Zombie (living dead with hair)
 The Green Ghoul (tall and green-faced)
 Norman Bates (cross-dresser)
 Mrs. Bates (Norman's elderly mother)
 The Wolf Man
 Whiplash (carries a whip)
 The Angel of Death (above the ground)
 Annabelle (doll from "The Conjuring")
 Broom Helga (rides a broomstick)
 Ghostface (from the Scream movies)
 Mr. Hyde (carries a cane)
 Svengoolie (TV horror host)
 Poltergeist Pete (our biggest monster)
 Wizzo the Clown
 Carol Ann (girl from "Poltergeist")
 Stabby Stu (Wizzo's smaller friend)
 Hannibal Lecter
 Regan (from "The Exorcist")
 The Headless Horseman
 Nosferatu (bald vampire)
 Resurrection Mary (pretty in a dress)
 Carrie White (a bloody mess)
 Zed the Zombie (living dead minus the hair)
 Bride of Dracula (resting close to her hubby)
 Evil Ash (from "Evil Dead 2")
 The Invisible Man (wearing sunglasses)
 The Blue Phantom (has a blue face)
 Iggy Vicious (plays guitar)
 Jack Torrance (from "The Shining")
 Medusa (snakes in her hair)
 The Fly
 The Mad Scientist (and his experiment)
 Jigsaw (puppet from "Saw")
 The Grim Reaper
 The Bride of Chucky
 Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas)
 Pennywise (the evil clown from "It")
 Vincent Price
 Slappy (the ventriloquist dummy)
 The Wicked Witch of the West
 Jack Skellington
 The Witch from Snow White
 The flying monkey (from Wizard of Oz)

We appreciate your donations while visiting our haunt -- your generosity keeps Spirits on Sproat alive (and undead!)

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